Packages And Prices 2022

Cookery School

1 Person 175€

2 Person Package 335€

4 Person Package 630€

6 Person Package 895€

Any of the Cookery School options can be purchased in the form of a gift for friends and family. You will receive a specially created and personalised invitation.

Sunday Lunch with Reza

At each lunch, guests will get a chance to meet their fellow diners over a glass of Champagne. Reza will provide a 3 course menu and it will vary depending on seasonality of produce. Guests will have a choice of wines to enjoy throughout the meal along with soft drinks. Reza will join you for coffee and petit fours.

65€ Per Person

Private Functions At Chez Cartier

Chez Cartier is available with Reza as your chef for private hire. There are a range of options to meet the requirements of all occasions. You can choose from 3 packages. Package one is for a 3 course menu, Package two a 4 course menu and package three a 5 course menu. Prior to every event, Reza will consult with you on menus and special requirements. Every package includes all ingredients for the chosen menu, a welcoming glass of Champagne, wines and soft drinks throughout the meal, coffee and petit fours.

8 Persons P1 820€ P2 900€ P3 980€

12 Persons P1 980€ P2 1,100€ P3 1,220€

16 Persons P1 1,140€ P2 1,300€ P3 1,460€

Home Catering

If you want to hold your own dinner party or just have a romantic dinner for 2 in your home, then let Reza cater for you. Prior to every event, Reza will consult with you and devise a 3 course menu of your choice. He will prepare all dishes with you in your home.

Geographically Reza is able to provide his Home Catering service within the UK, EU member states plus Switzerland and Norway. The customer is responsible for Reza’s travel costs, supplying the food, drink and other items required for each event. Prices for engaging Reza to cater at your event are in Euros. Payment can also be made in sterling based on the currency exchange rate against the Euro when the event is booked.

2 Persons 300€

4 Persons 380€

6 Persons 510€

8 Persons 640€

16 Persons 1,120€

24 Persons 1,440€

30 Persons 1,500€

Reza can advise on table design and provide table service if required. 

Please contact Reza at to discuss your special event.

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