Sunday Mezze

Served between 12-3pm in my garden at Chez Cartier, 16360 Condeon

For those of you who don’t know, MEZZE is an ancient tradition enjoyed by the Greeks, Romans and Ottomans as well as the Medieval Arabs.

Think an equivalent of Spanish Tapas or Italian Antipasta.  An array of small dishes that can be shared and savoured at a leisurely pace.  The beauty of a Mezze lies in the chance to mix and match different dishes to create one’s own balanced and blend of tastes and flavours. From around the globe experience Turkish, Greek, Middle Eastern dishes that you know will have a Reza twist! 

So why not come along, tantalise your tastebuds with an array of food. Priced at €25 per person, prior reservation is essential.  Bookings must be made through

4th June – fully booked

11th June

18th June

25th June

2nd July

9th July

16th July

23rd July

30th July